This is a narrative I did about concussions in sports. My process for this piece was to create a storyboard of possible frames to illustrate the narrative. At this point I narrowed down the frames to 8, eventually adding the 9th frame as a "hook". The last frame was a suggestion from one of my professors who asked why I had excluded it in the first place, as I did have it in my initial thumbs. I realized that it was important to follow the narrative full circle and show the event followed by the repercussions and eventually the result. I created this piece in photoshop and brought the file into illustrator to add the speech bubbles and type.

The Fall

Finally have some progress for my thesis!!!! This piece was about trying to figure out what I wanted to get out of the collection of work for this year. I wanted to focus on mixing graphic shapes with detailed pieces in order to create a juxtaposition of the different elements. For this piece I began with a portrait and slowly began building up the information in the face. I fooled around with a new photoshop brush I created for the background. I was most interested in the idea of leaving information out as opposed to rendering everything equally like I typically do in my work. I think this really helped me to get the graphic quality without losing all the subtle details and textures that I love.